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  • Why Choose Organic?
    Organic Farming in Ireland is regulated by standards requiring the highest level of respect for the environment. Organic farming uses sustainable methods of food production and embodies the respectful use of the countryside and concern for animal welfare. There is no use of artificial fertilizers or chemical sprays allowed on the land. The welfare of animals is central to organic principles. Our standards mean: • No routine use of drugs and vaccines • No genetically modified (GM) feed or growth hormones • Minimised stress in transport and slaughter Organic farming is a holistic method of agriculture. Through a positive management approach to health and welfare, farmers aim to prevent disease from occurring on the farm. If disease does occur then organic farmers are encouraged to use natural and complementary therapies. If these are not appropriate then in the interest of animal welfare medicines, including antibiotics, may be used as a last resort. If medicine or antibiotics are used the withdrawal time is tripled and if treatment is used for a second time the product (meat or milk )is withdrawn and cannot be sold as organic. The organic sector in Ireland is regulated by the Department of Agriculture and Food. Farmers, growers and processors undergo a stringent annual inspection process before receiving a licence from one of the organic bodies (Organic Trust in our case) to sell their produce as organic. When you buy organic produce produced locally you can be confident your money will remain locally, supporting local employment and boosting rural economies.
  • When does your season start and finish?
    Our lambs are ready for sale from late August until the end of the year.
  • Where do we deliver to & how much does this cost?
    We deliver all our lamb nationwide via UPS Ireland. Delivery nationwide is €15. We deliver our lamb in cooler boxes which ensures the lamb remains chilled until it gets to your door.
  • How is the lamb packaged?
    The lamb is cut as per the product description, individually labelled into exact cuts and is vacuum packed to guarentee freshness. There also is a unique QR code on each individual cut of meat that will link you to relevant receipes here on our website that we have chosen for that cut of lamb. Only the best!
  • How much room do I need available in my freezer?
    A half lamb takes up less than 1 drawer in a standard upright 3 drawer freezer, and a full lamb takes up about 1.5 drawers in the same style freezer.
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