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2023 Preorder - Full Cotter Organic Lamb Box

2023 preorder for full Cotter Organic Lamb Box. Delivery will be in September 2023.


The above is how we recommend you order your lamb from our experience testing and tasting our own product!


A Full Lamb represents exceptional value for money for one of our Organic, 100% Grass-Fed, Dry Aged Cotter Lambs. It contains a fantastic selection of convenience cuts, and tasty roasting joints too, so there's guaranteed to be a piece in there to satisfy a quick meal during the week or for a more impressive spread for a celebration or special occasion.


If you would like the lamb to be cut in a very specific way that our online options haven't allowed you to select, please contact our team directly. We can do just about anything and everything when it comes to cutting specifications. Just ask!

2023 Preorder - Full Cotter Organic Lamb Box

Leg Options
Lamb Steaks or Shanks